aspiring game dev

Celestial Bond

Story about Luna, a Katharos princess who escapes her own wedding to be with a woman she just met, an Amaritian criminal. This act will create havoc in her kingdom, and she'll have to team up with other criminals to save their galaxy.

Will be presented in the form of an RPG game, divided in 4 episodes. Currently, the visual novel prologue is available on itchio and Gamejolt.

Katharos and Amaritian are two closed species created by me! I offer adopts on my DeviantArt page and through raffles on our Discord server.


Payment beforehand (through PayPal)
Charging more for complex designs
Additional characters double the price
Working time: 2 days - 1 week

Can do: girls and boys, OCs, fan art, slight gore
Won't do: full nudity, mecha

Simple backgrounds +2 euro
Shipping (traditional) +2 euro

DM on social media if interested