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Celestial Bond

Princess Luna flees her wedding with the help of a criminal, and the whole galaxy freaks out.


Officer Lola is paired up with a detective to solve a new case.


A representation of myself in my games. A lost soul who ran away from home to find a brighter future. Her dream is to someday open her own tea shop.


A beautiful princes and water witch. She's a semi-closeted lesbian who's tired of her parents neglecting her feelings. Makes drastic decisions.


A criminal who resorts to dirty jobs just to survive. Recently went through a bad breakup, and is trying to pick herself up again. Sometimes talks to spirits.


A gay guy who was kicked out and lives on the streets of Neo-Fukuoka... and is known for causing chaos. His diet consists of instant noodles and soda.


A magical cat-girl.
When she's not chasing bugs, she's protecting her human from evil spirits.
She's 120cm tall (3'9"), though a fully grown adult.